Thanos Collective
Thanos Collective

Jake's Thing:
A CD Mixtape &
Film Photo Anthology

Physical CD Copies By Request Only

In interacting with texts by Vissman and Hu, I became drawn to the idea of creating a zombie media archive. While the whole of the site exists as a digital archive to zombie media, I wanted to create an interactive physical archive as well.
The mixtape in the project exemplifies the aspects of phsyicality and interactivity I was aiming to achieve in this project. The media of a CD has implications far beyond that of a storage medium. This CD has been encoded to include the images from the project as well as playable versions of the tracks below. Once distributed, these sets files no longer exist as copies, but as originals. If used for music playback these CDs may come to bear larger significance than simply as a file archive.

A Visual Companion

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Side A Side B
  • Track 1: On Your Own
    (Charlotte Day Wilson)
  • Track 6: Can't Believe the Way We Flow
    (James Blake)
  • Track 2: Master Yupa - Instrumental
    (Mac DeMarco)
  • Track 7: Fun
    (Collections of Colonies of Bees)
  • Track 3: This Time Around
    (The Technicolors)
  • Track 8: Sleeping In
    (The Postal Service)
  • Track 4: To You
  • Track 9: Feelin' Lovely
    (Connan Mockasin, Devonte Hynes)
  • Track 5: 4141
    (Slow Hollows)
  • Track 10: 29# Staffort APPTS
    (Bon Iver)